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At this end of year 2017 and close relation of the maintaining holidays, we have the pleasure to announce the absorption of BHW INTERNATIONAL by CARTEC SAS.

This fusion is going to allow CARTEC SAS  to pursue its development in the branches of industry of the corrugated cardboard but also to pursue its openings towards other business sectors of which BHW INTERNATIONAL was also very active but, leaned more and more on exactly the know-how of CARTEC.

 This opportunity is going to allow it to work on a more intense and common communication, avoiding doubles and thus to be more effective to serve its customers.
A new web site CARTEC is in the course of elaboration to satisfy your requests “customers” as the information ” new machines “, ” machines of occasions “, ” services and spare parts “, “storage” and naturally our product ” SQP “.

NOT TO MISS: on a few weeks, the ONIX is at present for the honor and CARTEC invite you to come to discover it to work.
Naturally, according to the requests to come and if possible, other machines could be presented during every next months.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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